Writing Prompt- 

So I found this prompt in Pinterest and I wil be doing a word vomit for 20 minutes and writing a story based on just this prompt. I will try my best to do this at least one week a day or three times a week. I’ll do my best, let’s do this!!!
Update: ended up doing a 35 min word vomit because i got into it 🙂

It was a dark, cloudy night. The prison was quiet, the outdoor areas assigned to the inmates were wet from the rain earlier. Our van was silent as we approached the gate, no guards are in this prison and for that reason alone we were here. Darell got down from the van to open the gate and we went through. Darell comes back into the van covered in mud.

“Way to go Guys!” His frustrated voice pierced through the van like a knife cutting through a piece of glass. I stared at him in disbelief. He could of moved and he knows it. He was the kind of a person who needed the attention all the time. I turned away from him wondering if that was the reason why he became a security guard. We got down from the van and entered the jail. Besides Darell and I, there was Dave my cameraman and Charlene his assistant photographer. As for I, my name is Delia and I am a journalist to The Moon Chronicle. I’ve heard from other journalists that everyone wanted to do a piece on the Projects prison, but no one had enough courage to even venture inside thanks to all the stories people told about the place.

“I didn’t believe them you know. Who even wants to stay in jail? Especially this nasty place.” I said as we walked through the empty cells.

“No guards, no security cameras, no authority. The most peaceful jail these states have ever heard of and the prisoners are too scared to leave. You think they’re scared from those stories?” Charlene asked once we got to the common room where all the prisoners were. They looked up to us, their navy blue uniforms camafloaging with the walls. No one moved and we had a stared down that felt like enternity.

I cleared my throat and in a cheery voice I said, “Hello everyone I’m Delia, from The Moon Chronicle, and we’re here to ask you some questions!” I smiled to try to make it look like I was genuine about it. No one stirred. They were not moving at all, it made me uneasy as like if they’ve been frozen to their spots and knew they shouldn’t move.

“We know who you are.” Someone’s baritone voice said, And just like that everyone just starting running towards all the directions, running, scrambling to find a safe place. I stood frozen eyes wide, Darell and Charlene looked at me and then to Dave as if expecting orders.

“It’s time.” Dave turned to me and said,”You’re ready Delia. You have been studying for this your entire life, just make sure no one escapes. It’s all part of the game, and they know they’ll suffer more if they try to escape.” He turned around and flew after a man with sandy coloured hair and took him down. I turned around and Darell and Charlene had done the same, they were feeding on the prisoners.

We made the deal before any of these prisoners were even born, and before that its been going on in other jails too. But when the regular people found out that we existed, they killed most of our race. The government has always feared us and made this compromise that we were only allowed to feed in jails, in where we can get rid of their “unwanted” and not turned against them. Crime rate has gone down a lot in this area, although the regular people have killed most of my kind and not many jails with this compromise exist anymore. Every night there was always a group of the clan that would come and feed on them. They don’t die of course, we just drink their blood.


Day 3?

Hey guys haven’t been able to post a lot lately but let’s continue our song challenge! I know I’m so behind on this and omg ok g to keep trying to past as much as I can 🙂

A song that makes you happy. A song that instantly lifts up your mood regardless of what you were previously feeling. A song that when you start listening to it although you are down or just thinking you hear it and you just start JAMMING to the music. I’ve had many happy songs throughout the years. Especially throughout my high school years where I was very depressed. My emo stage where I heard nothing but #blackveilbrides and rock and punk.

Music is an amazing getaway for your mind to get lost in. I literally try to listen to music as often as I can so then I can have my spirits lifted.

My happy song for right now is LA Devotee by Panic at the Disco.

yes, yes I know it’s not fair I just chose one of their songs for the last post too. But what do you honestly think a 20-year old would listen to other than modern pop?  No but seriously whenever I hear this song I get crunk and I absolutely love his voice. 

And C’mon!! When doesn’t want to just drink white wine 😏😏😏

I love how the video incorporates Brendon as a demon or eveil the devil itself. It’s a very playful video (my opinion) and it intrigues me for real. FAVORITE HAPPY SONG!!!

Weight loss journey 

So as you guys may have read in the past I have been trying to loose weight for a little bit over a year now. I started last year when a friend of mine wanted to join a new gym, so I decided to go ahead and join along with her so we can workout together. It worked for awhile too we shared a personal trainer and it went well although I was dying most of the time because I haven’t worked out since high school. But I did get leaner from a size 18 I went down to a size 16. Which is from what I’ve read in most recent health articles is the “average size” for an American women. So I’m average apparently. But I’m not. I’m obese. And I grow day by day more disgusted in the way I look and the way I feel. A post I made earlier I wrote that I’ve been the happiest in a long time. It’s still true, from the depressive state I was in a few years back to what I am now I am so much better! Now I just have to wrestle with the weight. I am 243 lbs as of yesterday. My goal from January was to loose 43lbs by the end of the year. The good thing I guess is that I stay the same I don’t gain or loose weight I’m constant. But it’s still bad. And I try to go to the gym but At the end of the end if I eat the way I do it won’t help. But today I am making a commitment of eating only chicken all day long. Greens like there’s no tomorrow. I have three months left of 2016 and if I can loose 10lbs each month I would be the happiest girl out there. I have to do this!!! 

Happy Song!

Alright guys WordPress tells me that I haven’t written anything in 16 days. Tell you what… it’s not my fault haha. Just kidding of course it is! 

The times I was supposed to write were between Tuesdays and Thursdays since I had class and a break between two classes whilst one of my friends had a class. Well college can be very difficult sometimes and there’s always that one teacher who doesn’t know squat diddly.  

So she dropped out of that class and now we just go out to munch places instead of just staying in the school to do whatever. 

All of my homework is done I’ll tell you that and i will do my very best to come back and write for you guys for a while 😌 
Well anyways each time I get on this place I’ll post about whatever day I am on from the challenge. Today is day three and day three is about a song that makes you happy! Yay! Happiness! 
Happiness has always been an important factor for me if you read my past and initial posts you can tell how depressed I can be but anyways yes now I am happy and there is a song I always jam to that makes me happy 😊 

Here’s the beautiful Angel that sings like heaven and has created my happy song 

Brendon fucking Urie. So sexy. So classy. So hot. And the most perfect quality of all, so FUNNY!!! 

Now Panic at the Disco has been around for sometihing and when it was just a singer and a drummer left the fans were so amazing and stayed with them. 

From their own new album I present to you my happy song, 

LA DEVOTEE by Panic at the Disco. 

Such a great song makes me so happy each time I hear it and always makes me turn up the volume each time I hear the first bars. 😂 

Alright that’s all from me for now see you next time 😉 


Have another selfie of Brendon. A gift from me to you.

Least Favorite Song…

imageSo here I am again two weeks later writing in this blog that no one reads lol. Honestly though life does happen outside this internet world and I have been enjoying it. Kind-of. Not really. Whatever. Ha, but let’s go back to day two of this challenge.

In a writing challenge, I don’t know I feel like this shouldn’t be day twos song but hey whatever I’m going to do it anyways. It’s sorta silly to write about your least favorite song because I mean hello, you hate it.

I really didn’t know what song to choose so I went to I heart radio and began to listen to it for like awhile until I hear a song that I didn’t really like or loathe.  And guess what! Not a single annoying, crappy, overplayed song came up. So then fast forward to today and I’m at work and it’s busy but I can’t leave the host Stand to help because I have to seat people and answer phones ( 😒😕😡) but that will be a rant for another day.

And I realize that there is a song that I hate. That is my least favorite song. You know where I heard it? At Work. Do you know how often I hear this song? Very much. What song can it be you ask? Scroll down to find out if you haven’t guessed with the piña colada as the picture in this post.



Escape by Rupert Holmes.



And honest to God, I have a love-hate relationship with this song. Sometimes at work I jam to it. Other times not so much. Many people may know this song as the piña Colada song and that’s how I know it and lord Jesus I’m so over it each time it gets played. This song is not in my top list at all and it might never be and I’m ok with that.

Alright that’s all for me today and I will write really soon! Day three of the song challenge here I come 🙂




So I’m just here in my sisters rooms listening to Heathens by 21 pilots and I just have the urge to type and write about something I don’t know what. I always wanted to create my own story and believe me I’ve tried. (Just look under the Hazel category.) Maybe I should try again. Maybe I should go ahead and re-write what my 16 year old brain was thinking. So here’s to me re-analyzing my stories and perhaps re-canvassing the entire story as well. I might add a character tag and just talk about them and see what I can do. Maybe I’ll write in their perspective . That a good idea I think. Haha well how the title reads, I’m just spitballing here is really should be doing my homework instead. But who has time for that? I don’t want to clean so I might as well work and write and see what happens. 

Till next time 

30 songs, 30 days

Alright so honestly I am super pumped about writing here again. Especially since this will be my stress reliever instead of me going to the gym -_-

which by the way my journey at the gym is still in process and not going well. But that will be for another day.

As I was on Pinterest yesterday, I found a lot of prompts/challeges for writers to do. So I decided to this one first. The 30 days song challenge! So I start this off and I hope you enjoy the 30 days of music I’ll be doing. As well as this song I will be doing another challenge too, I’m not sure what yet but I’ll be searching Pinterest for that challenge too.


Day 1: Favorite Song

My all time favorite song is Mr. Brightside from The Killers and believe me this song is always the song to jam and sing too. Best song ever!

This song has always help alleviate me in many ways than any other song has in my entire life. I mean there’s always oldies song that one listens to and helps that way but this is the OG!!! I first heard this song when I was younger I actually heard it in the supermarket but I will always remember the funky beat that it will bring and how I looked forward to the super market to just hear this song.

I didn’t know what song it was yet.

Not until maybe a couple years back maybe even my senior year in high school I discovered The Killers. And I’ve seriously been in love with them since then! Brandon Flowers the frontman of the group, launched his 2nd album maybe a year ago. He came to Chicago to perform and I’m so upset because I’m yet to see him or the group live! I would literally cry if I ever meet them. If they even sang this song?!?!?! Lord Jesus I would die.

Anyways I don’t know this challenge will be hard. But I hope you guys enjoy!

I honestly don’t really know what else to talk about it so… Part two of the challenge will be up tomorrow 🙂